As a Blue Eye employee, you are not just one of many, you´ll be part of our family. We believe that the happier you are at your work, the better performance you´ll have. We achieve this through constantly and carefully listening to the needs of each of our employees. For Blue Eye the most important thing is our employees, therefore we give constant training in different topics, as well as constantly looking for benefits that actively increase employee satisfaction. We always have challenging assignments waiting for skilled and dedicated engineers, so we invite you to join the team and be part of our family.

Blue Eye AB is a consulting office established since 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We mainly work with Automotive R&D industry. We also have access to other industries such as Electrical Power, Packaging & Processing, Food, etc that is through our business partners. 

As an employee or a sub-contractor, working within the Blue Eye family, we encourage you to share your ideas and experiences. This enables our teams to increase their knowledge and deliver high quality product development as well as strengthen our competitiveness as a company.

We work as a team, develop as a tree & look after each other as a family.


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